Sunday July 21: Children/ Young Adult/ Inspirational Meet & Greet

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sharon S. Darrow

Sharon will be at the Avid Reader, with her book, "...and the good lord remains anonymous." 

Her are some of her words regarding her book: 

"Writing this book was an incredible experience that helped me appreciate the people around me and the experiences I've lived. My hope as an author is that each reader will gain a little deeper understanding of there own life while being entertained along the way."

Sharon started writing  "...and the good lord remains anonymous," with the idea of presenting stories about what can happen when you say yes to requests that are out of your comfort zones. But her line of thinking led to reminiscing on her own life, wherein examination altered trajectory the story took, and landed it squarely in the realm of  "inspirational," our Sunday theme.


She found that  events and circumstances that had been the most painful experiences brought the most valuable life lessons of all. Others she had repeated a number of times before the lesson got through.  

Sharon previously wrote: "Bottlekatz, A Complete Care Guide for Orphan Kittens" in 2006, which has since become a training manual for kitten/cat rescue groups all over the United States and the United Kingdom.

After writing her second book Sharon was referred to the Northern California Publishers and Authors group by my publisher, Terry Burke Maxwell, of Earth Patch Press,and accepted an invitation from one the group members to participate in the California Authors booth at the State Fair.  
Check out her website: here 

June Gillum:


June Gillam teaches writing and literature at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton. She belongs to the Auburn-based Gold Country Writers and to Capitol Crimes, the Sacramento chapter of Sisters in Crime. She can be reached via her website:
 So Sweet Against Your Teeth by June Gillam invites readers to bite into 15 poems, reflections from a childhood spent in a World War II small-town Sacramento culture. Sugar-and-spice along with not-so-nice puppy dog tales pull readers through some Father-Knows-Best (not) days. 

Her other published title includes House of Cuts, a thriller set in San Joaquin County (to be discussed more next week!)

Shirley Paranteau:

Is a children's author with a series about bears.  She will be discussing "Bears in Beds," a follow up to "Bears on Chairs."

Bears on Chairs:

Four small bears learn to share their four small chairs with Big Brown Bear. 
Bears in Beds:

When the four smallest bears are too frightened of a noise in the night to sleep, Big Brown Bear comforts them by reading a story about a pesky girl with golden hair. 
Bears in the Bath will be her next installment, due out next year. Bears in the Bath will show four grimy but stubborn little bears tempted into the tub when Big Brown Bear shows that a bath can be fun. 

Laurie Hoirup:

Laurie's memoir is the inspirational tale of well... herself.  In her poignant words:
"Having a significant disability since the age of two, I have been an advocate for the rights of people with disabilities for most of my life, including my employment and it was through the encouragement of my family, friends and colleagues that I decided to use my story as a resource for others, to be a role model in the face of adversity with a positive attitude and a sense of humor.

"While I was first trying to figure out how to get published, I remembered the authors corner at the state fair and I went there and talk to an author who directed me to the "Northern CA publishers and authors." it was through them that I found a local independent publisher. Five years later, I won first place for nonfiction at their annual awards competition and I was invited to participate at the state fair authors corner. I truly have come full circle."
--Laurie Hoirup

Learn more about her and her book at:


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