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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Here are two of the authors who will be in tomorrow.  Be sure to check out their websites!

Margaret Murray

 Margaret Murray has two published novels.  She is writing a prequel to the book, Sundagger, which will be featured this Sunday. 

Sundagger is a fantasy meets speculative fiction.  Sara, the main character, has had it with her job.  On top of that, her son has gone missing. Seeking some way out of the stresses of life she winds up in a sweat lodge and launches herself on a modern day vision quest.

She began in 1999 after visiting the Four Corners area in the Southwest, as well as making a stop by Chaco Canyon. Entranced, she undertook research Pre-Puebloan culture.  Sundagger is the culmination of her fascination with ancient American pre-history and her own, more personal trials and anguish.  

 She also runs a small publishing company, WriteWords Press.

Red Storm

Frank Luna

American Commander “Mac” MacTavish and his international team of scientists and engineers are wrapping up an eighteen-month mission at Mars Base. Without warning, all communication with Earth is mysteriously lost. Mac’s egotistical science chief discovers that a massive solar flare has impacted Earth, causing catastrophic damage and most likely political and social upheaval. Unsure if it is safe to return home, Mac decides to wait for the arrival of the Mars 3 spacecraft and the relief crew already en route from Earth. After several weeks with no communication, Mars 3 lands nearby, showing no signs of life. Expecting a grisly scene, Mac enters the lifeless lander, but he is stunned and horrified by what he discovers. Are Mac and his crew the sole survivors of a galactic solar catastrophe or something more sinister? Now it is up to him to discover the truth in the midst of this Red Storm.

Learn more at his website-
And tweet him - @Redstormluna

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